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3rd Day

So I'm sitting in a park in Toronto. It's called Ramsden PArk and I just sort of stumbled upon it during my solo exploration today. I'm watching people practice martial arts while I sip my coffee and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

On Wednesday I arrived at about 9pm because of train delays and such. It was an uneventful ride, but I was seated next to a couple with a baby for the NYC/Toronto leg of the trip. Actually, 2 couples. As soon as one couple left another arrived with another baby. Customs was easy. I didn't do much that first night because I was exhausted. I met Fox's girlfriend who is a very nice girl and is being very compensating by letting me stay at their place. I sent a few emails for apts and I went to bed.

Thursday Fox and I went downtown to show me around a little. We ate at a Korean grill; which means there's a grill in the middle of your table and you cook everything yourself. I'm sure they have those elsewhere, but it was my first time and not only was it a novelty, but it was delicious. We wandered around a while, he showed me a couple museums (The Crystal looks interesting) and I bought a bottle of Jameson. Yes, liquor seems to be a lot more expensive here. We walked through the Annex and while we had taken the subway from St. Claire West to Yonge, we walked back to his place so he could show me the castles. I wasn't paying very much attention; I think they were near Spadina. Oh, and monthly metro passes are much cheaper here than in Philadelphia. On our way downtown I bought one for $100 that covers the entire city whereas in Philly the 5-zone pass (the equivalent coverage) costs about $165.

When we got back to his place I searched a little more on Craigslist and made a few more calls, sent some emails. I was starting to lose hope since my apt budget was drastically reduced since AVP still hasn't paid me for my last show with them. I had just about quit my hunt for the evening when I hit refresh in Firefox and saw a new listing; $600 all inclusive. What!? I read it again: $600 includes all utlities, cable and wifi. So I called. About half an hour later I was looking at the apartment. It looked newly renovated. Did I mention that it's furnished? Yes. It also has all appliances: microwave, stove, dishwasher, tv. There's a laundromat around the corner, right next to the grocery store and a bank. It's about a 5 minute walk from the Eglington West station.

So... Yeah... I signed the lease. The place is a little small, but it's perfect for me. The 'lease' I signed mentioned nothing about a time frame. We agreed on a year, but if I find something better on the budget I have once i'm working I'll be free to move without breaking a lease; of course I won't be shady about it, but I'm free to do it. And for me, $600/month is perfect for the time being.

So within 24 hours of arriving in Toronto I found an apartment. I'm staying at Fox and Kari's until Monday because the landlord wants first and last in cash and I have to work with the $500 daily withdrawal limit so I need 3 days to deal with the money.

On Friday I worked on updating my resume for the company Fox works with. They're a little hesitant to hire me illegally (they want to put me on the payroll instead of hiring me as an independent contractor), but in order to be authorized to work here I need a letter from an employer saying that I'm skilled, etc. I hope that once they see my resume they'll be ready to write that letter.

After Kari came home from work we bought some dinner at Loblaws and jumped on the subway to go see Wanted. Good movie. I thought I had caught a plot hole in it, but it turns out that was a clue to what was really happening in the story. Note: the movie is nothing like the graphic novel. If you're a fan of the original Mark Millar graphic novel you have to look at the movie as an "alternate reality" kind of story line; a story based and the "universe" of the original, but a different story altogether, like so many graphic novel adaptations lately.

So that brings me to today. I woke up to an empty apt; Fox and Kari are both at work. So I decided to take my monthly metrocard and head out into the wilds of Toronto without any direction. I stopped at Starbucks and found this little park and did what I wanted to do; write a nice long update about what I've been doing since I got here.

I miss Danielle. We'd been inseperable for almost a month and now I'm not going to see her for a long time. Hopefully she can make it up here for the film festival in September. For the first time ever I feel really close to my sister and it was only a segway into a different chapter of my life.

I think I should go find some lunch. I wonder if there's anything distinctly, uniquely Torontian. Torontian? Torontorian? I want to be like Anthony Bourdain and find all of the unique Toronto food places. This ought to be interesting.
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