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LJ horror

Let's see...

I can't post from my phone any more whether it's pictures or just an email post.

Half of my pictures aren't displaying properly, if at all.

Apparently the brand new "My LJ" feature isn't working, either.

And this has been going on since the 18th.

Of course this comes at a time when I want to tag all of my pictures on Scrapbook, I want to design a new layout, and I've just recently started "getting into" LJ again. What timing! I wonder if I'll get an extra 5 days for my Extra Storage Space on ScrapBook? Or maybe my permanent account will last (Infinity + 5).

I just feel like bitching. It's a terribly nasty day. Actually, it's a great day for hot chocolate, soup, and a fire, but unfortunately I have to go to work. I'm at work. I hope it stops raining long enough to walk to the train station at tonight.



I mourn every passing moment

of this awful rowing toward God...
Tags: general - whining, livejournal, personal - whining, scrapbook
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