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I don't feel like working today.

I'm exhausted and it's only Monday.

All I want to do is play on the internet and goof off. No one's in the shop today except for me... so I'm not motivated to work at all. I'm hungry and I don't feel like walking to Wawa or Cumberland Farms. I don't feel like ordering a pizza from Papa John's. Yes, I'll be spending $15 to eat lunch for the rest of the week, but... blah.

It's just one of those days. I would've stayed home and slept, but I'm afraid of creating a repeat of last Monday.

Kevin seems overly certain that he and I can take over the lease when Heather and Carver leave and it makes me uneasy. It would be nice to take the apt, but... it just seems too good to be true.


Last weekend I saw I Walk the Line on Friday night, went to Centralia with Rae on Saturday, and saw Saw II on Sunday with Kevin. I Walk the Line was good, but not great. I say that from the eyes of someone who is not a fan... I am a fan so I loved the movie. Saw II left a lot to be desired. More gorey than the original? I don't think so. It was good, just not... as good as the first film.

I guess I should attempt to move some things around in the shop so it looks like I've been working in case anyone shows up.

LJ/Scrapbook is acting like a little bitch. It looks like I've lost half the pictures I've posted... almost 150 megs... if that's the case, let me tell you how glad I am that I bought a permanent account. I took pictures on Saturday that I really like and I can't even show them to anyone unless I upload them to my host... so I wonder what I'm paying for with the Permanent Account/Extra Storage I bought.


Happy Monday.
Tags: centralia, chad, charli, general - life, heather, jill, johnny cash, kevin, livejournal, movies, personal - whining, rachel, sarah, scrapbook
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