starless (starless) wrote,


I had a blast today. Chet, Allison, Melissa, and I took an ATV Safari around the island. For two hours we four-wheeled all over the mountain jungle. We made a couple stops, but the spot that moved me the most was when we were at the schoolhouse. It was a two-room schoolhouse in the middle of the jungle (it seemed). The kids were great. They were pretty excited to show us their school and I had a conversation about education with the teacher. She teaches forty five students in two rooms, grades three and five. I've got pictures... I'll post later. The last stop of the safari was a cliff diving spot that was incredible. I had a lot of fun.

Then we had a mediocre meal at Margaritaville (which is to be expected) and got back on the ship.

Maybe Jamaica isn't as bad as I've thought. I mean... I rarely even got off at that port because it was too much of a hassle to walk around. I think I've changed my mind...

I feel refreshed. And exhausted.

I've got a lot of ship stuff to talk about, but I'll write about it tomorrow or something. I might end up resigning on the week of Heather's birthday. Heh.
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