starless (starless) wrote,

Today was Cherry Blossom Festival and lots of people. On the way there we got very lost in Fairmount Park and West Philly. Very lost. The ride was great thhough... it was a beautiful day and... you know... just being in a car driving around Philly could make me happy for days on end. I'm bad with names, so... Heather, Carver, Jill, Anne, Dee, Faolon... and a lot of other friends were there. Played frisbee with Faolon. Took some pictures. Transmogrifying photos from camera at the moment.

After the festival Jill, Faolon, and I went to Infinite and I got some things. Nipples. Yum. I was actually really horny after I got it done. Craziness. Then for the hell of it I asked John if he could check out my septum for scar tissue or whatever because I want to have it re-done. Re-done? How about it had never closed up after I lost my jewelry a few years ago. A few? Many. When was that tweaked trip to New Orleans with Natasha and Heather? Yeah, years. So I bought a circular barbell for it and *poof* I have my septum ring again.

So then we had dinner at this chinese place that I'd been to before with Smackie. Weird deja vu. I couldn't eat (I wasn't hungry before we got to Infinite and I lost my appetite under the needle- and my nipples felt a weird mix of pain, hardness... and oddness [read: aroused]). Talked some... it was good to spend some time with Jill.

Came home and Kevin had come back from DC. Jay stopped by and is still sitting 2 feet away. Video Games. SSX3. Doom 3. Phantom Crash.


Pics may come soon. May not.
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