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Nikki is anal about where she puts her stool.

Last night was great... Fox organized my Portofino dinner and her invited just the right people. Kobus, Kara, Melissa, Nikki, and Chet. I've known Chet for about four or five years now... it was nice to be able to spend my thirtieth with someone who has seen me change over the years. The party afterward was nice, but really it was just another reason to drink a lot. I still had a blast though, and I'm paying for it today. I've been working since ten this morning and I probably won't stop until well after midnight.

Tired. Hungry.

Fox seems sad lately. I'm a little concerned. Maybe he doesn't want to leave Voyager, but I don't think that's it. VY High is nice, but it's... VY High.

Christ, I'm really crashing now... what I'm thinking is not coming out of my fingers, so this post is pointless.

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