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Mystical and Gleaming

So here it comes... a new year. I can't believe it's 2005 already... I'm getting older by the day...

My birthday is in ten days.

I'm getting very tired of being on this ship. I can't wait until my vacation; it should be in two months, but I have a feeling it may be something more like three or four months away. Royal Caribbean likes to wait until the last minute to find a replacement Rigger and they don't hesitate to extend your contract as much as they can... which can be two months total.

The holidays haven't been as hard as I thought they'd be. I expected severe melancholy and instead only experienced mild anti-social-ness on Christmas day. And it's almost over... things will be back to normal around here soon.

"Everyone please calm down and stop yelling." That's the most common phrase uttered in December. Please Calm Down. Stop Yelling.

This ten day voyage from hell is almost over. I've never wanted to be back in Miami more than I do this week. Miami is like a beacon on the horizon, distorted by the fog resting on the surface of the sea, transformed into a shining city where everything is Fine and Good. In reality i think Miami is a pit and nothing in it even remotely compares to Philadelphia, but for now I'll let it retain its mystical lure if only to help me get though the last three days of this cruise.


  • Inflate several hundred balloons for the balloon drop
  • Build two balloon arches with helium balloons
  • Hang four "Happy New Year" banners outside of Cleopatra's Needle and Studio B (there's nothing to hang them off of... will gaff the hell out of them)
  • Take a nap.

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