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Happy Birthday to belladonnaerror and coralscars!!

Last night ended up being fun. Kobus and Andy rescued me from my self-imposed isolation. Christmas has never been a big deal to me... at least that's what I tell myself. But... I wasn't happy last night. I don't even know why... I would've liked to see my family, but I'm already used to being far away from them around this time of year. I could say I miss my friends back home, but truly it's no more than I missed them when I was home. Honestly, I don't know what was wrong with me last night, but alone was what I wanted to be. So I slept for 2 hours and then went back deck to hang out with Kobus, Nikki, Roy, and Andy. It was free beer night. Garrett, JD, and Fox joined us, we put a few tables together and drank with the dancers a little. It was sort of loud back deck, so we went upstairs to the Memphis... Garrett, JD, Fox, Nikki, Kara, and Rachel. Did some shots. Played pool with Nikki and was schooled several times.

It was beautiful last night... the moon was nearly full (if not completely) and the sky was clear... almost perfectly mirrored in the sea except for the wake of the Voyager. Memphis closed so we returned to backdeck where nearly everyone was thoroughly hammered. Somehow I ended up sitting with Kara looking out over the ocean and we talked until about 5am. Everyone else had disappeared and I went to bed.

And so that was Christmas. I spent it with the closest thing to a family I have at the moment and it turned out to be a great night.



  • find a balloon drop somewhere on this ship or build one out of netting from the bowsin deck.
  • wire a lot of money into my account (today is pay day!)
  • print out and bind all of the rigging reports from all of the other ships for 9/10 to present
  • measure kelly for her harness and complete the harness inventory to add to the fleetwide database
  • think of more things to put on this list


Since there was too much in-fighting and stress among the tech crew we forgot to hold a secret santa thinger. So instead of a christmas thinger we're doing a Three Kings Day thinger on Jan 6th. Dia de los Tres Reyes. And it was my idea. Mom would be proud.

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