starless (starless) wrote,

asi asi

i was supposed to get my tattoo today, but Maya was closed all afternoon. i gave up at around 3pm... we had some going-away drinking to do in Marie's honor. she leaves saturday.

but, yeah, big let-down. i've been looking forward to 12/9 for almost a month, it seems.

the money i wired on sunday still hasn't hit my account yet. i'm never using the ship's wire transfer service again.

No Name Bar was a good time today. lots of Negra Modelo and rampant, random picture taking. i got back to my cabin around 6pm, fell asleep until 10, and stayed under my blankets watching Punch Drunk Love and Millennium episodes.

some day i'll get around to uploading all of the pics i've taken in the last month or so.

it's been a long day... time to go watch Frank Black be stoic.

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