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Hot Roasted Peas!!

I found hot roasted peas!

Our PM is really screwing up... and making a lot of enemies. We're in the middle of a cast changeover and she hasn't given a schedule to any of the tech. That's the big one. We have an entirely new cast and no kind of timeline for blocking, tech, or flying rehearsals. Nothing. My two new flyers haven't been on the silk or in a harness since Jeremy was here... something like seven weeks ago? I'm worried that Kelly is going to get hurt when we finally start doing silk rehearsals. I keep envisioning her wrist coming unwrapped at take-off and her flying into the seats, just like Shanee.

Consequently, I've got absolutely nothing to do this week. Or the next. We're only running Rhythm & Rhyme for the next two weeks; no flying=no rehearsals for RiggerJohn.

Things to do this week:

  • Work:

    • Measure Chris, Kelly, and 1 male dancer for harnesses
    • Send harness inventory to the Mariner
    • Build limit switches for the Video Wall in Studio B
    • Full Foy Check in Studio B and possibly swap out the Track 1 Lift Line with shiny new aircraft cable
    • Inspect Hanukkah Banners; make sure I have a full set of 10 (by Tuesday)

  • Life:

    • Start making lists and buying Christmas presents.
    • Get bat inked on my shoulders in Cozumel (Thursday)
    • Buy a going-away present for Marie (before Saturday)
    • Export all two hundred-some contacts from Outlook on the Tablet to a CSV
    • Import all two hundred-some contacts into Gmail
    • Finish the CD, finish packing the box, and send the package to Rachel.
    • Sketch something (someone)


burning every bridge that i cross just to find a beautiful place to get lost


I've been addicted to watching Firefly this week. I'm still mad that it was cancelled, but supposedly the movie is in production so maybe some day it will return. The first season of Millenium has also been in rotation on the screen. In fact, I haven't been getting enough sleep because, "just one more episode..."

I need new music. I'm not crazy about the new Cowboy Junkies, but I'm in a Cowboy Junkies kind of mood. Trinity Sessions, maybe. Whites Off Earth Now!. Maybe.

I need some suggestions for new music. I expect comments ;)

And this is long enough. I need to go do something.

I have ninety-four days left on this ship.

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