starless (starless) wrote,


I need your help.

A bunch of people are getting inked in Cozumel this Wednesday. We're not doing anything silly like getting matching tats and the place is clean and reputable (one of our video guys has some nice work on him from an artist there).

What I want: A bat. Outstretched wings. Tribal black work. I want it across my shoulders, on my back; the head can go up my neck a little it, and I wouldn't mind if the height was around 1/3 of my back or shorter. So, in other words, big. I don't want to take a simple, small design and blow it up because it won't look right.

Someone help me please. If you can draw it, do it, if you can point me to a good unoriginal design, that's fine, but I'd much rather have it be original work rather than a design that half a million people already have.

If you can point me in the direction of some tat artists (who will draw it for free or will want to be paid), please do. Anyone know any artists who will do it... get them in touch with me.

The only thing is that I'm doing this Wednesday.


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