starless (starless) wrote,

This morning I got up at 7am to retrieve the 2 cartons of duty free cigarettes I bought in Grand Cayman. Golly-Gee, what an adventure!

The staging area where they dump all of the duty free is just a couple steps from my room. I was told yesterday that the only time I could pick it up was between 7am and 9am today. So, I drag my butt out of bed... only to be told I have to go to the pool deck to get them.


The pool deck is on deck 11, I live on deck 1. Deck 1, incidentally, is where they were picking up all of the duty free bags for delivery to guest staterooms.

Deck 11? Hmm. I thought the guy was messing mith me so I went back to my cabin and waited an hour just to give them some more time since my stuff "hadn't been brought down yet." I go back... and the guy says something like, "Go to the pool deck, I already told you!!"

Ok. So I go to deck 11. I go to the pool bar. I ask the guy that's in there and he has no idea what I'm talking about. I don't, either... I don't see a single duty free bag anywhere... and I've already walked around deck 11 AND 12. The guy says that all of the cigarettes are on deck 5.

Golly! What fun!

So I go to deck 5 knowing full well that nothing is there. I search the promenade. Nope. Nothing there. I go back down to deck 1 and tell the guy that there's nothing up there. He tries to call someone, doesn't get in touch with them, and tells me to go back to the pool deck.

Eh? At this point I'm starting to, oh I don't know, get the feeling that this guy is fucking with me. So I go to get my dect phone (it was in my cabin- this was supposed to be a 5 minute deal and then back to bed. I'm wearing a bandana and about 3 days worth of scruff... I shouldn't be in guest areas at all) and I call the bartender on deck 11 myself. He has no idea what I'm talking about. So I keep him on the line and walk back over to fuckface to make him talk to this guy.

And he tells me to go back to the pool deck.

Gee Whiz! What a great morning so far!!

So I go back to deck 11. Waiting for me is an open box with my 2 cartons of cigarettes. Opened. Yes. And it's the ONLY duty free in the entire Pool Bar pantry. EVERYTHING else is on deck 1, where it's supposed to be.

Gee, I wonder if someone was trying to steal my stuff?


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