starless (starless) wrote,

Island Report:

This isn't really an Island Report, but since I titled it that way...

Jamaica is a hellpit of filth. I'll never get off on Jamaica again if we port in Ocho Rios. It's just... a pit. I would never wish it on anyone and if you're thinking of going there because of how fucking quaint it looks in movies, think again. Those movies aren't filmed in Jamaica... they're filmed somewhere that is actually nice. Never again.

Grand Cayman is actually pretty nice. It wasn't too crowded. The port area isn't overrun with Diamond and Tanzanite, Duty Free, and t-shirt stores. The town is actually a town... where locals might actually go to run some errands. Plus, it isn't filthy and doesn't smell like raw sewage. Always a plus.

Cozumel... eh. Could have been better. A little too crowded for my taste. I'll be getting off there every 2 weeks, as I will with Grand Cayman. The beach I went to was very nice... albeit it was a 20 minute cab ride from the tourist area. Even though downtown was crowded and that kind of turned me off, I'd like to go during the Spring Break month(s)... it'll be a different kind of crowd and.. yeah. pigboy-john says he wants to be immersed in the decadence.


I find myself really down the last few days. I've been fighting the urge to just hole-up in my cabin and stop talking to people. I'm just... low.

Yesterday was 2 months on the ship.

I've taken a few pictures and post-sized them. I made a new icon. I'm just too unmotivated to burn a cd and post them today.


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