starless (starless) wrote,


I just took 20 minutes to write a post.

Page Not Found. I'll kill someone.

Now I'll paraphrase and make it a half-assed post because I'm tired of sitting here already.

Last night was Ridiculous. Weirdie decided to "nudge" my martini and make half of it end up all over my shirt. The other half ended up all over her. Which in turn sparked a Weirdie Rampage of throwing drinks on all of the Black Shirts in the Vault.

Weirdie is a Croatian girl named Sabina who always dances by herself in the Vault. Not necessarily weird; I have respect for people who dance alone on a crowded (or empty) dance floor. But Weirdie dances like a stripper (or a slutty pop star). She does it poorly. She humps the walls. She's Weirdie.

Then we tried to get away from her because Security was already lurking about, waiting to take our names. We went to Cafe Promenade to get some pizza and Weirdie followed us. She grabbed my pizza out of my hand in mid-bite, stole my pepperoni, and threw my slice of pizza back at me. I blocked, it landed on the floor, cheese down, and she picked it up and ate it. That's when Security showed up for the 2nd time last night... so I decided it was as good a time as any to go back to my cabin.

I woke up this morning and instantly decided that I must have retribution. I washed my blacks yesterday... now they smell like liquor. Not very appropriate for work. Not so much.

::shaking fist at the sky:: WEEIRDIE!!!!!!!

Hmmm. I seem to recall making a lot of drunken comments on other people's journals last night. So.... I'm apologizing in advance... for whatever.

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