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Carlos & Charlie's (BigTime Edit)

I don't know how I did it, but I drank so much tonight.

Aruba sucked. And it was awesome. But I'll have to write more about it later. I danced my ass off tonight. And my club-kid ways came back to me in seconds flat. Throwing shade at the fuckers invading my space. Carlos and Charli's was Voyager's club tonight, and there's no denying it.

We ruled Aruba. And it was good.

Marc is my new best friend. I want him with me every time I go clubbing from now until forever... we had that non-verbal communication thing going on that I haven't had since I used to rave with Heather, Kevin, Hans, and the gang.

And I danced my ass off. And now I have to get back to my cabin before I vomit.



I might as well just edit this entry since I'm mostly going to be talking about yesterday's adventures in Aruba.

Aruba sucks. Seriously. It's completely over-priced and it has been overrun by tourists. It has that slightly dilapidated feel to it; that once upon a time it was beautiful and unspoiled and truly a great place to go to relax, but now it's just run-down and trashed by years of tourism. Maybe we were there too early in the season (as opposed to spring break or something), but it just wasn't much fun.

The beach was nice, but as usual with places like that, the hotels think they "own" the beach. We didn't have to pay to lay there, but everything else had to be rented. And they have beach "cops" making sure that you're staying in one of the hotels in order for you to use one of the outdoor huts or whatever.

Even so, Marie, Fox, and I laid there for quite a while and they're painfully burnt. They're some of the whitest white people I've ever seen. I love watching gringos burn while I just get darker. And they hate me for it ;)

Fox had to go back to the ship to work, but Marie and I didn't so we went to a place called Iguana Joe's for lunch. Expensive. Ok food, nothing great.

Came back to the ship, took a little nap, and then went to Carlos & Charlie's. You've probably already read about it if you've made it this far in the post.

And no hangover!!!!! I was unbelievably drunk last night. And rowdy. Celebrity's Galaxy ship was docked right next to us and on the way back there was a shouting match between all of the crew (Celebrity is owned by Royal Caribbean). "You SUCK!!" "NO, YOU SUCK!!!" But... you know... all we had to do was mention how our ship is bigger. Heh. Drunken rowdiness. Such fun. Kidd (Marc) is a blast to drink with.

And no hangover!

Hmmm. Not much else to report. I think my crotch was grabbed a few times by random Steiners (the girls that work in the casino on V'ger), but I can't remember who did it. It's not even that I can't remember... it was just so damned crowded and Kidd and I were dancing with a bunch of Steiners... I just couldn't tell who did it.

Kind of scary.

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