June 23rd, 2020

Two Thumbs

So it's about time for a Covid update

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How are you? How are things in your world? How are you holding up?

So, a current update would mention that I now live in a house in Pinole and the weather is amazing. I'm on the lease. It's really affordable and not in SF, which is wonderful.

I've been back to Juneau to gather Oswin and my things, and I stayed with Danielle and Jeff for about 2 weeks before that. It's all old news now, but, wow, was it a strange experience to be living in my truck, driving to and from Arizona, looking for a place to live, and flying around, to and from Juneau during the lockdown and then the Black Lives Matter explosion.

Oh, and I tested negative for CoV-2 last time I flew into Juneau, which was only 2 weeks ago. So, at least I know I haven't been driving and flying around while asympomatic and infecting people. I *have* been pretty careful. And living in my truck during the first wave peak was actually a serendipitous turn because I ended up being very isolated. And in a beautiful place.

I transfered my expired PA driver's license to CA today. Don't ask me how... but I will say that half of social engineering is knowing when to not say anything at all. I'm really glad it worked, though, because now I can apply for jobs that require a CA DL. Those are the types of jobs I think I want while I shift gears and study for a couple certs. Otherwise, I would've had to wait until they actually start giving driving tests again, and who knows when that may be.

It's time to swtich careers. I can't let this happen again... and saying that feels inappropriate because we're not even "through" this time, yet.

So there are some things. I'm feeling hopeful.