starless (starless) wrote,

I'm trying not to ever crack my neck ever again. You know... nodding my head to the sides to make all the vertebrate pop. It feels so good. And it relieves all the tension and pain in my neck. But I've heard stories. Bad stories about people who've done it all their lives and have some pretty bad nerve damage.

I don't want that.

But jesusfuck my neck wants to be cracked so bad. So, so bad. And all i have to do is a quick nod to make the pain go away...

I flew the new ice skater tonight and that was fun. Boring, actually. I hate the ice show. Now that I don't have to look at my cue sheets it's the most boring thing ever. Another boring Rhythm & Rhyme day. Watched that Tom Hanks movie where he's stuck in the airport. Smoked much cigarettes. Finally finished off my bottle of Crown Royal Special Reserve. With ginger ale. Aburrido.

Ugh. The whole reason I came up here was to print my time sheet... which I left on the Tablet back in my cabin. Fuck it. I'll do it tomorrow.


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