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Today, as we were doing a tech run of Rhythm and Rhyme, Steve (Weeble Wobble) decided to check one of his lights on stage. It's a Mac 500 that sits on the floor next to the band set. That's when the Rhythm Arch, on cue, landed on his arm and leg and pinned him down.

He's in Medical right now... and Fox will probably be running the lights for both shows tonight.

I found out that Jen is still trying to get me fired. Apparently, when Garrett came on board, he spoke to her and she said I'd be gone in two weeks.

I talked to Poppa about it and he says I have nothing to worry about. I'm still worried about it.

He also said that I should be a Production Manager. That kind of endorsement from Jon Shaw... all I have to do is ask for the position. And for Jon to actually say that to me... wow.

I hope Steve is OK, but it's his own damned fault. I can't even explain the stupidity involved with laying on stage fixing a light during a full tech run in a show that has a lot of set movement.

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