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And I was right. No sleep. No sleep!!! Bedbedbed, nonono!!!!!

At about 7am my dectphone started ringing. I'd answer it and no one was there. 10 minutes later it would ring again. Nothing. I can't refuse to answer it and I especially cannot turn it off... I'm on duty.

But I swear to god I'm going to kill whomever it was that was letting it ring once (sometimes half a ring) and then hanging up.

Then I went to boat drill. But it wasn't really boat drill, it was just a trick. After the seven short, one long, I started headed to my davit station only to hear the captain say that the crew was to report to La Scala. For a meeting. About ratings. And stupid little awards for great smiles and other such bullshit. My nose was running so much (I've got a cold) that I had to hold my thumb over my nostril.

Again, I want to kill somebody.

And another thought: Apparently, according to Mommy Dearest, I'm "back into drugs again." Yeah. On the fucking ship. I'm just partying nonstop, snorting lines, smoking weed, popping E. Fuck off. I really think that it's worth risking my job and going to jail in some shit little island in the Caribbean just to get high. I'm not working 60+ hours a week or anything. No. Impossible.

Such high expectations. Such faith and high opinions of her first born son. Again... fuck off.

Wow, what a positive post first thing today. It's going to be a good day.

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