starless (starless) wrote,

Little Bird

Last night as I was making my rounds (actually, 3am this morning), I came upon a tiny little bird. It was flying around on deck 5 or 6. I thought, "neat." This morning I got woke up around 9am to do my rounds again, and I found the little bird flying around my cabin corridor on deck 1. I decided to rescue it. I slowly chased it around for about 45 minutes... it's hard to catch a little bird in your hands and I really didn't want to hurt it. Finally, it started to get tired. Its flights were getting shorter and it was allowing me to get closer before trying to escape. People were watching me, laughing at me. I finally got it close to one of the gangway doors that were open when it disappeared... I really hope it escaped.

And then I was thinking... the poor thing probably came aboard in St. Thomas. It's warm in St. Thomas. It's getting pretty damned cold in New York. I hope it didn't die. It survived 2 days, 3 nights at sea on a ship... only to die of exposure in Bayonne, NJ. Maybe I should've just left it alone.


I spent the day with Rachel and Charli in a little diner on Broadway in Bayonne. I think we sat there for at least 5 hours and it was nice, but I wish it had been a little warmer outside. It was good to get the chance to say goodbye before I cruise out of Miami for 5 more months... I won't be back here for a long time. Around 5 Poppa came in to eat and I made the introductions. He left us alone and ate his breakfast. When he was paying to leave, the waitress took our check off of our table... Jon paid for Rachel and I.

I have to wonder why everyone hates this guy. I'm no longer on the fence about him... I actively like him. He's a good guy with a kind heart and a passion for the work he does. I kind of see him as a role model and I dread the day Michelle comes back to Voyager to PM.

Anyway. I'm going to miss Rachel and Charli... and I'm going to actually miss a lot, too. When I sign off in March things are going to be very different, I'm sure. I may not even end up in West Chester, depending on where Rachel is.

Damn it. I'm on duty and I just got a call. More later.

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