starless (starless) wrote,

Oil Pastels

Today I tried to wire money into my checking account. It'll take ten weeks for the money to get there. That's crazy insane. I'm going to have to find an ATM in Cape Liberty (Bayonne) or something.

But, since I was in the crew office I decided to check if I have any mail just for the hell of it. I GOT MY PACKAGE FROM SARAH!!! Oil Pastels, pencils, sketch sticks, a sketch book!!!! And a kneaded eraser! I was walking down the hall with this big, stupid grin on my face and everyone kept looking at me like I was crazy. Thank you, Sarah... that package was so thoughtful :) You're the best!!!

And after making plans with Rachel tomorrow I find out that I'm on duty this week. Now I have to find someone to cover for me. Plus I have to deposit money into my account tomorrow.


As if they need me to spend MORE time on the ship. This is our last Canada run... I really wanted to take a whole day to play in Halifax. Plus, I have about $75 Canadian money to spend. I've been saving it for Halifax. Bullocks.

Sarah, you're the best :)

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