Friday, August 16th 2019


Living in the U.S. during these.... times... is terrifying for certain people.

My plan was to be ready to move to Canada by November.

I think that maybe I should wait to see how their elections go... it looks like there's going to be a similar backlash to Trudeau as there is to Obama.

So... Costa Rica?


I start getting up at 6:30am because my call time is 9am-6pm for the next month.

Roommate notices that I'm getting up at 6:30am.

Roommate starts getting up at 6:30am "to be productive like [me]"

Roommate takes over kitchen to cook her breakfast (we have a hot plate for cooking, only one person can cook at a time).

I can't cook breakfast because of roommate.


I don't know why I'm considerate of anyone else in my life, the compassion is never returned.

Sunday, July 7th 2019


Current Mood: tired

Ok, I can do this.

Two fourteen hours day behind me, one last 17 hour day before a day or two off.

You have to love this Bay Area Hustle, right? Because of all the returns! The... traffic... and unreal rents... and expensive food... and gas that's generally $1 higher than the rest of the country... and....

That's why I work... 14...

Wait. wtf am I doing?

Wednesday, June 5th 2019

It only took until June this year

It seems that I'm finally coming out of my winter depression. It's only June. Only half the year has been wasted.

The extremely extended "slow season" didn't help my mood, either. I might not like the Event Industry, but at least work keeps me from navel-gazing my depression. You'd think that having 5-6 months of little to no work would be great, right? I can finally go camping, go hiking, spend days out and about, visit friends in different states, etc...

Except, if you're not working and when you were, you were barely doing better than treading water, 6 months becomes a famine and you stop leaving your house for fear of spending any money on anything at all, ever.

No, it's not good for my mental health. When I can't even bring myself to spend $50 on a tank of gas, that is not good for my emotional well-being.

Anyway. I started running again, and May was intense with work. June should even out, and the good thing is, even with the lean 1st half of 2019, I made it through with my savings intact. I'm so much closer to buying an RV, so much closer to being a little more nomadic. I just need to keep at it. By next winter... maybe next spring, I should be a little more free. RV + motorcycle = less living expenses. That's the plan.

Thursday, May 16th 2019


I wish that hiring the IATSE local meant that we were getting experienced, skilled technicians.

The sad fact is that, most of the time, I’m teaching the stagehand we were forced to hire, how to do something basic, like how to hang a leko.

Then, in effect, if I don’t micromanage and supervise the tightening of every single nut and cheeseboro, I end up with a fucked up hang which *I* am responsible for. And guess what gets reported to the head office? That I fucked up. Not that Local 16 fucked up one of the most basic skills in LX, that I’m the one who fucked up.

So then, when I eventually get fired over something like an improperly hung light, I wonder who will hire me.

Oh. Local 16 will. It’s really a quite brilliant recruitment strategy.

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