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I keep telling people that I've been applying for California State Park jobs and they keep offering me solutions. But... I'm not sure what they think they're solving.

I don't want to work at the Strand any more. I don't want to work for ACT. I'm not sure if it's the toxic environment, or if it's actually working in theatre. I think it's the toxic environment.

I think I don't want to live in the city. I like being close to a city, but in the Bay Area it's cost prohibitive. Even across the bay or 20 miles away rents are around $1500 to live alone. And that would be a great find. The average is $2K. Also, I don't want to have a roommate. I don't want to have a roommate ever again.

I want more of my time back. This is the 2nd time I've had cancer and once again I'm reminded that my life consists of nothing but work. I left my old life to get away from that grindstone, only to fall right back into it. I need at least 2 days off every week. Like a normal nine to fiver.

So, when people are offering me solutions, they're asking if I want to get a place with them. They say, "let's move to Oakland, it's cheaper." "Lets move in together."

Like I said, I don't want roommates any more and I especially don't want co-worker roommates. And I especially don't want to have a boss/supervisor coworker as a roommate. Patsy was all of those things and I can't stand being in her presence any longer. And in 3 days I get to go back to work where I can't avoid her. No more co-worker, supervisor roommates.*

I don't know. I keep telling people these things, but they must think I'm joking. Or maybe they think I'm being unrealistic. I think that what I want is perfectly feasible if I'm living in a smaller town and working for the park system.

So I'm going for it.
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