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Get your sh*t together, John, Pt 2

So, that first GYST list was irrelevant almost as soon as I posted it.


  • Find an apartment/house

    • Either with Kelli

    • or without Kelli

  • Find work for our dark, 6-week month.

  • Sell iPhone

Yeah, Kelli dropped that bomb on me a day or two ago: she decided not to renew the lease. So, either I move with her again or I need to come up with several thousand dollars by August. She's not that bad to live with, actually, and she's wants to move north a little bit, which would help my commute to San Francisco. Maybe rent would be a little cheaper, too? I'd love to live in Half Moon Bay, but I think it may be out of our price range. Or maybe not... I'll use half as much gas and could even get a bus from HMB into SF. I'll have to look at the difference in transpo costs.

I don't know what to do about Cam. She's the tgirl who moved in with us and currently lives on the couch in the living room. She only gives maybe $50/week to stay with us, so I'm not sure we should even consider her when we're talking about our plans. $200/month really doesn't contribute much to our situation. But, I don't want to just leave her homeless, either. She has no family here, etc. Actually, she's in the same position as I am with the exception that she's not a very passable transgender girl so it's probably a lot easier for me to find work than it is for her. The fact that I identify as trans really creates a lot of empathy from me, but... I can barely keep myself afloat. Neither can Kelli. How can we tow Camryn behind us and still survive? I'm sure as hell not going to pay for half of a bedroom for her. Not when I can rent a whole house back east for the cost of 1.5 rooms here.

I'm not sure what's coming, but California sure is Hard Mode.
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