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  • Wed, 14:21: RT @onekade: The more the FBI fights with DHS, the less they are working together to violate our rights.
  • Wed, 14:21: RT @wilw: Just thinking out loud, here: maybe instead of providing weapons to schools, America could provide adequate funding for, you know…
  • Wed, 19:04: "Hey, we have this huge show that needs to go out before anyone can leave, can you stay a few hours after work?" - words never spoken today.
  • Wed, 19:09: Tbh, I can use the overtime, but it would be nice to be *asked* once in a while rather than silently, implicitly expected.
  • Thu, 07:26: FINALLY, Mel Gibson might be getting what he wanted.
  • Thu, 08:28: It sure is gonna be a day!!!!
  • Thu, 08:31: This running-every-other-day thing isn't cutting it for me. I feel like a sloth. Lethargic. Un-lithe.
  • Thu, 08:32: Twice a day felt incredible and then my legs were like WHOA WHOA WHOA CALM DOWN and I could barely walk last weekend.
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