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  • Wed, 13:38: How does lemur skin reflect the sea?
  • Wed, 13:40: RT @the_boris: #Ferguson PD raiding a church. The plan is to kick puppies and take candy from children. Then maybe steal meds from the elde…
  • Wed, 14:31: "There's nothing going on with the NSA today that hasn't been going on for hundreds of years" Yeah, OK, old man, put head back in sand.
  • Wed, 14:33: I'm actually angry at that display of blatant ignorance & complacency. It's stupid beliefs like that that enable the NSA to do what they do.
  • Wed, 15:49: I must not be on tumblr enough, lately. I almost forgot that since I appear white and have a penis I'm not allowed to speak or have opinions
  • Wed, 16:59: Worst. Printer. Ever.
  • Wed, 19:21: I spent $80 on a @lifeproof case for iPhone 5S, and NO, TouchID does not work. The keyboard barely responds. Never again, @LifeProof
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