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  • Sun, 13:13: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Eagles of Death Metal (98), The Dead Weather (42) & Pavement (29) #music
  • Sun, 15:53: I'm one of those special kind of assholes who can't poke fun at someone without them acting like I just threatened their families w violence
  • Mon, 07:43: Teaching the roommate that if he wants to drink coffee every morning he should buy some beans maybe once in the 2 years we've lived together
  • Mon, 07:44: Now to teach my rider that I don't somehow "owe" him an 80 mile commute out of the goodness of my heart every. single. day.
  • Mon, 07:45: I wonder when it became standard to ALWAYS TRY to take advantage of someone rather than providing for ourselves. I'm surrounded by them.
  • Mon, 07:45: Entitled Trashbags.
  • Mon, 08:18: Hell is other people. Especially when they wear patchouli.
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