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  • Fri, 14:59: I watched Riddick again. 1st view I thought it was ok. 2nd view and WOW is there a lot that should've been on the cutting room floor.
  • Fri, 15:01: The whole "balls deep" sub...plot(?). That rapey, misogynistic crap didn't need to come out of Riddick's mouth. #RapeyRiddick
  • Fri, 18:10: As an Event Coordinator you should definitely wait until the event starts to discuss architectural lighting and ambiance with the LD.
  • Fri, 18:47: So Disney owns Indiana Jones now, too.
  • Fri, 19:01: TFW you realize that you're an asshole and that's why you have no semblance of a social life.
  • Fri, 19:20: Oh, you're mad at me? The line starts over there...
  • Fri, 19:25: This is a really odd holiday party.
  • Fri, 19:29: Amber gels look like orange sherbet and I want to eat the light they create.
  • Fri, 19:32: What a strange fellow.
  • Fri, 19:39: We've got circus performers and rockabilly.
  • Fri, 20:08: See, "smells like burning" isn't funny. "Tastes like burning" is funny because.. Never mind.
  • Fri, 20:41: I just met the love of my life and she was concerned that I was peeing in the stairwell.
  • Fri, 21:20: RT @MrPhetz: Why did my ex gf Fav my tweet where I announced that I got laid off. Why did you do that sharon
  • Fri, 21:24: That feeling of empowerment when they finally offer food and I say, "No, thanks, I took care of myself." Sometimes "Fuck You" sounds odd.
  • Fri, 21:26: I'm kind of pro at saying "fuck you" without actually saying the words. Sometimes I can make it sound like the sweetest compliment.
  • Fri, 21:32: I winked at her and now she's avoiding eye contact. Fucking pro at women, too.
  • Fri, 23:44: I've been cursing a lot lately. I don't like it.
  • Sat, 10:39: Back to tweeting GetGlue checkins and links to things, then?
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