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  • Sat, 17:07: Yeah, look that gift horse in the mouth. Fucking pry it's jaw open so you can stare down it's throat.
  • Sat, 17:20: Awesome. Another 12 hour day with no break and no plans to feed us.
  • Sat, 17:50: Nope. Taking my router and going home.
  • Sat, 22:12: "I don't think that monitor is plugged in!!!" 1) I'm the Lighting Designer. 2) Go fuck off.
  • Sun, 00:13: If I still smoked cigarettes my boss would relieve me so I could take a break like the rest of the crew. But I don't. So I don't.
  • Sun, 09:05: I definitely just put reverb on the choir.
  • Sun, 11:02: Why I worry about my dad: "Dad, where's Citadel?" "It's over there next to Citadel."
  • Sun, 11:15: RT @barf_bag_: i am very excited to see all the fast and furious car puns and jokes about paul walker being dead, please keep 'em coming
  • Sun, 11:25: Lo and behold, the bank is closed on Sunday, just like I thought. Another reason I'm worried about my dad.
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