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  • Mon, 12:03: It's not lazy if you haven't had a day off in weeks.
  • Mon, 12:03: I can rationalize like a pro.
  • Mon, 12:05: RT @marcmaron: Enjoy the day. Don't engage with vampires and pity holes.
  • Mon, 12:21: It's amazing how offensive Straight CIS people are toward everything not Straight/CIS without even realizing it. #CommunityCollege
  • Tue, 07:45: Some day I'll be allowed to sleep passed 7am. Some day.
  • Tue, 08:28: In Delaware, there must be some sort of insurance break for having a "Coexist" sticker on your car.
  • Tue, 08:37: Why would The View interview Kobe Bryant? Trap to gang-peg-rape him?
  • Tue, 08:55: RT @CherryHillJeep: @riggah Those come standard with the new #Prius now. #FYI
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