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  • Sat, 12:17: The state bird of Delaware is a chicken.
  • Sat, 16:39: RT @TheDailyShow: " is one month old. And like most one month olds, it is still just laying there pooping its pants."…
  • Sat, 16:41: 9am to 12am is a normal shift, right?
  • Sat, 16:43: RT @eddiepepitone: Dear USA: U r now a banana republic, an insane asylum with guns and football. Good luck to decent people!
  • Sat, 17:30: RT @Gizmodo: East Coast: wake up early Sunday for an eclipse not seen since 1854
  • Sat, 18:37: Coworker is stressed so he's second guessing everything. Causing me stress.
  • Sat, 18:40: I mean, if they say "after salad" it's after the salad. Why are we still talking about it? I'm exhausted and grumpy.
  • Sat, 18:50: Bride & Groom came out to the Misfits. Danzig Misfits, no less. #FuckYeah
  • Sat, 19:51: Cool, man. You got here 5 hours ago. 12 for me. But, by all means, you go eat. Take a rest. Relax. I haven't eaten since yesterday at 5pm.
  • Sat, 19:51: Surrounded by itty bitty narcissists.
  • Sat, 20:44: What a shame that the old gig is filled with back biters. I've heard the shit ya'll are talking on me. #backstabbers
  • Sat, 21:10: It's especially a shame because I liked those guys. I like working with them. I thought we might even be friends, a little. Wow, I was wrong
  • Sat, 21:14: Best set list ever. @ World Cafe Live
  • Sat, 22:35: So now I make more money, have an easier job in a state-of-the-art venue, and I'm not taken advantage of as a matter of course. #TalkUrShit
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