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  • Sun, 12:13: 4 hours later, still waiting for that gash to get stitched.
  • Sun, 12:33: Seriously, though, sitting in an emergency room all day on my only day off in weeks.... Ok. Shut up, John.
  • Sun, 12:42: The man is ASLEEP in the EMERGENCY ROOM. Stop calling his phone, FFS. We will tell you the info when we get any.
  • Sun, 13:15: Cutie RNs and Techs always make these terrible waits a little more bearable.
  • Sun, 13:16: Also, every time I'm exposed to medical stuff (which has been A LOT since 2010), I decide to change everything to become an RN.
  • Sun, 13:20: Starving. Hospital caf only takes cash, I think. SO HUNGRY.
  • Sun, 13:21: I might actually have a nice, secure career if I became an RN. With benefits and retirement and stuff. Like other humans.
  • Sun, 13:40: My Top 2 #lastfm Artists: Future of the Left (3) & The White Stripes (2) #music
  • Sun, 15:06: I took him home. He immediately passed out again. He seems fine, albeit with a few staples in his head.
  • Sun, 15:18: Minus 1 fact: drunk guy decided to stay up all night. Moved a shelving, a thing fell on his head. 5 people had lives disrupted. #alcoholism
  • Sun, 15:23: I left out a fact b/c most people would say "fuck your friend!" In addition, he's my dad. & of course I help him, alcoholism aside.
  • Sun, 15:24: But, pragmatically: fuck alcoholism and the lives it effects aside from the alcoholic's.
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