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  • Wed, 12:10: Males of DCCC: it's not a requirement of enrollment that you constantly fondle your own dick thru track shorts as you walk. #LandOfBros
  • Wed, 12:12: I know, I know, you've discovered you can make your peepee feel good by squeezing it all the time. Like a toddler. #LandOfBros #DCCC
  • Wed, 12:22: Oh. The males in my Communications class calling the teacher a "fucking dyke." Nice. Hate speech at @DelawareCCC
  • Wed, 14:22: My next question: do I tell the Prof what the homophobes were saying about her before she walked in? Or is it just not worth it.
  • Wed, 15:06: RT @rare_basement: feel like everyone who told me college would be better than high school failed to take into account my genetic predispos…
  • Wed, 15:09: Oh. Hello to you, too.
  • Wed, 16:07: Bro is not in my vocabulary except as a derogatory term. Bro.
  • Wed, 16:09: Though I'd love to expose the ignorant assholes as homophobic misogynists, I'm not sure it'll benefit anyone but me.
  • Wed, 16:13: RT @OhWonka: Being polite is so rare these days that it's often confused with flirting.
  • Wed, 16:30: If I could get a death sentence by not wearing gloves at my job, I might wear gloves. Or find a new job. I'm looking at you, porn industry.
  • Wed, 16:35: Suddenly belligerent.
  • Wed, 16:41: Hafa dai!! That's where I want to be. I want to be a haole again.
  • Wed, 16:58: Apparently today is a day that I shouldn't be communicating with other people.
  • Wed, 17:12: Data Structures can kiss my ass today. So can Algorithms.
  • Wed, 17:27: If you've only been following me for a day or so you might not know that iOS autocorrect invokes an uncontrollable primal rage in me.
  • Wed, 17:29: It turns me into one of those apes from 2001, their bone, my iPhone as I indiscriminately bash anything within my reach. #autocorrect
  • Thu, 11:45: WOOHOO~!!!! Cut scenes inside of cut scenes!!!! #FFXIV
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