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  • Wed, 12:07: I want absolutely everything and nothing at all simultaneously.
  • Wed, 12:08: The tan lines are gone now so, by virtue, the last symbol of that time we spent together has faded.
  • Wed, 12:13: On and on and on and on and on.
  • Wed, 13:43: Just, no. #allofit
  • Wed, 16:14: Well, so much for "splitting shifts." Looks like I still need to find another job.
  • Wed, 16:17: You know, there is no partiality in the universe. It doesn't, one day, just point at you and say, "YOU, there. You... you're fucked."
  • Wed, 16:18: But I really wouldn't be shocked if the universe did single out someone. B/c, seriously... I'm paying a giant karmic debt or something.
  • Wed, 16:19: And the results are the same whether I'm being self destructive or the most forward-thinking person. What's my motivation for being good?
  • Wed, 16:25: In the spirit of my IDGAF enlightenment, I'm having happy hour beers b4 Data Structures & Algorithms, then leaving after calling attendance.
  • Wed, 16:26: Probably not, though, b/c he's the only prof I respect. Well, him and my English Comp prof. Strange dichotomy.
  • Wed, 16:29: Sitting in the pub, Every Rose Has Its Thorn plays on the radio, reminding me of being 14 and pining for a gf. Not much has changed today.
  • Wed, 16:29: Just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song. #OpenUp
  • Wed, 16:37: Guy faved my tweet based on Data Structures & Algorithms, I think. #nerd #itsoknerdsrock
  • Wed, 16:43: No, not making fun of the guy. I just can't think of a reason he faved that other than 1) geekiness or 2) compromised account.
  • Wed, 16:45: You know how I know I'm growing up? Still haven't adopted Windows 8 and I'm in absolutely no rush to adopt iOS 7.
  • Wed, 16:54: Totally safe. Stop saying bad things about it.
  • Wed, 16:57: Reginald is the most common name used by blue collar guys to imitate stuffy, Ivy League guys. In terrible English affectations.
  • Wed, 17:02: I think that in my life I'd like to live in a bumblefuck town named after a great city or state: Miami, Ohio. Rome, Illinois, etc.
  • Wed, 18:42: What if I just deactivated everything, sold all my belongings, and drove to California.
  • Wed, 18:51: Pretend, pretend, pretend. The best pretend game of all is pretending that we're not all pretending. #ennui
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