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  • Thu, 13:14: Is it time to go back to Maine, yet?
  • Thu, 20:05: Cover bands should probably stay away from songs that cause controversy for being "rapey." #blurredlines #rapeculture
  • Thu, 20:23: I'm sure I'm the asshole in the entire situation, as always, because sometimes feelings just don't matter in the grown up world.
  • Thu, 20:26: RT @lizzwinstead: John Kerry must have had all that Botox so he could try and sell this Syria idea with a straight face. #Inners
  • Thu, 20:26: RT @RaniaKhalek: Again, North Korea and Iran WILL resurrect HItler if we fail to punish Assad.
  • Thu, 22:55: RT @Clumsygrlprobs: "WRONG" - every decision in my life ever
  • Fri, 09:51: Wow. @SquareEnix support is TERRIBLE. After A WEEK they send me an email b/c they're closing my ticket without any resolution. #FFXIV
  • Fri, 09:53: It's a good thing I haven't bought the game. @SquareEnix, with support like that, you just lost a subscriber. #FFXIV What a terribad launch.
  • Fri, 10:23: Every time I watch The Newsroom I think, "This is the best episode yet" which, in turn, makes it the best episode of television, ever.
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