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  • Thu, 20:03: Yay, Deerhunter playing in Tazia!
  • Thu, 20:27: Belle & Sebastian dance party!! Wooooo!!! Aka: stuff like that from that time period dance party. Woo!
  • Thu, 20:46: Crap, I hope my pad thai is ready soon... Doors in 15. Btw, iOS is garbage and its autocorrect sucks. Just FYI.
  • Thu, 20:49: Yes. If you tweet ANY kind of referral link, regardless of whether it's Amanda Bynes or a Kardashian w/o makeup, you're a spammer.
  • Thu, 20:52: I wish that, once a month, I could be as deep as Belle & Sebastian are 24/7.
  • Thu, 21:19: Harpoon ale and tofu pad thai may sound like a terrible mix, but... Ok. So they don't go together, but I'm doing it anyway.
  • Thu, 21:26: This pad thai is really sweet. Why isn't it super spicy/hot and sweet? #doingitwrong
  • Thu, 21:31: Oh, look how my twitter feed (among other things) is just open at front of house. Oops.
  • Thu, 21:33: This is a 21+ event, so it behooves me to sit at front of house for at least a little while… but I can't be bothered.
  • Thu, 21:34: Because, honestly… why? Why would I? I'm laughing a bellyful just thinking about it.
  • Thu, 21:35: Women? Interested in this guy? HA! Doubleplusbellyful good. You should be a comedian.
  • Thu, 21:36: I'm laughing as heartily as Santa laughs… all jolly and fat belly-fulls of jovial mirth. HAhahaHAHAhahaHA!
  • Thu, 21:37: I wish my childhood was like those depicted in Belle and Sebastian videos.
  • Thu, 22:47: I can hide with the best. Bonus points if you know what it's from. @ The Trocadero Theatre
  • Thu, 22:56: These DJs really like to play Belle & Sebastian at deafening decibels.
  • Thu, 22:58: Belle and Sebastian fans are kinda cute.
  • Thu, 22:59: RT @neiltyson: Curious that it's always a female computer voice that calmly announces self-destruct sequences and other violent disasters.
  • Fri, 01:01: Sweetheart, no, I'm not gay, I just don't like you.
  • Fri, 01:17: Oh, I can take my nice dictionary home with me tonight!
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