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  • Wed, 20:56: I unlocked the Law & Order: SVU: Her Negotiation sticker on #GetGlue! #SVU
  • Wed, 22:11: And it's spring. And it's hot. Sticky.
  • Wed, 22:11: #likebunnies
  • Thu, 13:30: The sheer volume of inanity is breathtaking.
  • Thu, 15:25: Anyone want to bet? Tonight at least 1 Misfits song will be covered. The points lay in which band sings it, an opener or the headliner.
  • Thu, 15:28: RT @1Lolamarina: Climate change and loss of biodiversity is a much greater danger to our long term national security than any terrorist org…
  • Thu, 15:30: So, can we just start calling him Drone Master? Obama of Borg? Wait. Obama of Borg is almost TOO right on the money.
  • Thu, 16:02: "Image Metal"
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