starless (starless) wrote,

Dad's Birthday

In other news, Dad's birthday was Saturday. Well, it was 4/30, but we celebrated it last Saturday.

He wanted to go to the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, like he always does. Then he and my aunt complained about how the food wasn't hot enough. Like they always do.

Ah, old people.

Anyway, I bought dad a nice shirt. Actually, I bought him a plaid "hipster" shirt from Levis. It's the type of shirt he wears all the time, but this wasn't bought at Goodwill or Walmart. I don't know, I was trying to get him a stylish shirt that he would wear. Hipster plaid is all I could come up with.

Instead of cake I bought cupcakes from a cupcake bakery. I stuck a candle in one of them and we sung Happy Birthday at the buffet. He seemed happy.

Good times.
Tags: birthday, dad
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