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  • Thu, 13:29: It really is something when you're prevented frm submitting your Comp Sci homework on time b/c the college IT infrastructure is nonexistent.
  • Thu, 13:31: This place is responsible for ensuring that I can be competitive in the IT industry when I graduate. Yet… their standards seem to be Zero.
  • Thu, 15:05: My C++ assignment consisted of overflowing an integer space. I overflowed it. I overflowed it like mad.
  • Thu, 16:11: I just became the mayor of Dad's Bachelor Pad II on @foursquare!
  • Thu, 16:11: I'm at Dad's Bachelor Pad II (Coatesville, PA)
  • Thu, 22:31: RT @DrunkVarian: I think goblinsh are just pickled gnomes.
  • Fri, 10:40: Time for a trip to the Terminal Market. NEED MOAR BEANS!!
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