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  • Sun, 13:46: Truss in the winter.
  • Sun, 15:32: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Julian Plenti (195), Paul Banks (174) & Low (141) #music
  • Sun, 15:39: My NYE will be spent lighting jam bands.
  • Sun, 17:38: No one else seems to have this much trouble plugging into my rig. (Or their own, for that matter.
  • Sun, 17:59: Wiresharking an AP who's password is known throughout Chinatown. I wonder what sort of data I'll find.
  • Sun, 18:37: Oh. Wait until sound check to focus lights & laugh when I ask why? Then we start & you stop the focus b/c of sound check? Ok. You're smart.
  • Sun, 18:40: Some people just cannot stand when it's not their idea. Instead they deny you then pretend it was their idea. Welcome to a career in theatre
  • Sun, 18:42: I wonder if this show is for the tech or the audience?
  • Sun, 19:05: Some day… some day… yeah, I've got nothing. Just felt the need to tweet my apathy toward tonight.
  • Sun, 19:56: “@yfrog does not carry or experiencing malware Google Chrome outages or reports.” / what is this pertaining to? Info, pls.
  • Sun, 20:56: A guy really did just ask me, beg me, for a bite of my cheesesteak. I'm at work. IN work. Sitting behind my console. #whothefuckareyou!?!?!?
  • Sun, 21:02: Ohnoes! The repo that rarely had any updates or new apps, who decided torrenting on a phone is a good idea, is gone!
  • Sun, 21:24: Say it, don't spray it.
  • Sun, 21:26: I actually had to run away from FOH b/c of that kid coveting my cheesesteak.
  • Sun, 21:27: RT @nathanLfuller: Bradley Manning: 950 days, including 3 birthdays, in prison awaiting trial. Next hearing should conclude the defense' ...
  • Sun, 21:46: It's like a hippy-rave-jam-band night. Well, not LIKE, it IS. I'm dead.
  • Sun, 21:53: It's as if the Grateful Dead was a bunch of hipsters.
  • Sun, 22:01: Spilled half a venti latte the very second Starbucks closed. I'm now officially having a terrible night.
  • Mon, 00:31: Narcissist Nancy Rotten Crotch, Queen of Uprooting Lives Then Dumping Men Shortly After. #orsomethinglikethat
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