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  • Mon, 12:25: @HildaCupcakes is the best. Don't argue with me.
  • Mon, 12:50: Oh, good, I'm missing Future of the Left again. This time because of my silly, 3-hour UNIX class.
  • Mon, 13:26: Apparently 50 Cent joins Dr Dre in rappers turned Engineers; STREET headphones by 50 Cent???? Overpriced and in many colors. #streetcred
  • Mon, 13:27: From STREET: (pink, $250. how STREET.)
  • Mon, 13:34: What I don't want to hear being told to the person who just handled my food: "Feel better, get well! Go get that checked out!" #whatdoihave?
  • Mon, 15:57: Chikara show again? Yeah, no. I'm booked. #nowandforever
  • Mon, 15:59: So shots and beer are an acceptable meal replacement, yes?
  • Mon, 16:09: I mean, seriously, last time they were playing games w/ 20' lengths of steel. Laughing when someone avoided skull crushing. TOTALLY booked.
  • Mon, 16:09: RT @ChiTownPhilly: "When information is useful, redistributing it makes humanity wealthier no matter who is distributing & who is re ...
  • Mon, 16:10: I also think that subtweeting is an exercise in futility when the person is too oblivious to realize. And it works both ways.
  • Mon, 16:12: I'm oblivious. I will not assume your subtweets or sub... updates... pertain to me. Ever. I just assume the opposite.
  • Mon, 16:13: Moral of the story? Stop being passive aggressive.
  • Mon, 16:48: Oh, man. UNIX class is going to be interesting today.
  • Mon, 17:09: Wow. So White Stripes & The Raconteurs played during Happy Hour at this faux pub. I'm mildly impressed.
  • Mon, 17:56: RT @Slate: Average age of Rolling Stones now greater than average age of Supreme Court:
  • Mon, 18:07: For all of you endeavoring to be cool: It's "ho" not "hoe." Unless you're discussing gardening implements.
  • Mon, 18:22: OK, guys, enough with the Star Wars "canon." The only stories told are in the films, period. Everything else is just fanfic.
  • Mon, 18:37: Sure. Force me to partner with someone for the Final Project.
  • Mon, 18:37: FFS, I don't WANT to work with anyone. If I'd known I'd have to have a lab partner in this superfluous class, I wouldn't have taken it.
  • Mon, 20:49: Keep up that ad blitz, Microsoft, you'll convince people they NEED Surface soon enough.
  • Mon, 21:42: Heh. I raged over slang and netspeak today. #ohwell, I have an education and I'm not ashamed, I don't revel in ignorance to impress anyone.
  • Mon, 21:50: "Stupid, slow, DIRTY PC!!!!" - MyCleanSpam #lol
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