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  • Sun, 12:17: Foursquare just told me I look nice today and I know it's lying through its teeth.
  • Sun, 14:06: Oh, just like Train, but a different name.
  • Sun, 15:04: And the teenage girls are already lining up for 10 Years. Hoping to be sweat upon or glanced at by the singer.
  • Sun, 15:37: RT @rickygervais: Piracy doesn't kill music, boy bands do.
  • Sun, 16:44: "Hey, let's try to sound like Placebo, Tool, and the Deftones all at once!!" - Early band meeting.
  • Sun, 17:01: RT @IamEnidColeslaw: my favorite game is called "Secret Family." I go to the movies & sit near a group of strangers & pretend th ...
  • Sun, 17:02: Hey, @autolux101, are there any seeds for a new album taking root?
  • Sun, 17:21: That feel when you have a Friend list and an Acquaintance list and you realize you've moved everyone you know to the Acquaintance list.
  • Sun, 17:49: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Amanda Palmer (85), Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra (27) & Interpol (26) #music
  • Sun, 17:57: I just used the phrase "56K Modem" in actual conversation.
  • Sun, 18:01: I don't have any plaid shirts. I don't fit in at this show.
  • Sun, 19:54: Shopping online during the show for plaid shirts so I can be hip and cool.
  • Sun, 21:29: What a good night this turned out to be. With the exception of the Footloose, no dancing rule.
  • Sun, 21:31: Talking to Audio Engineers and other Lighting Designers about ideas for iOS/Android apps. @lightingfox, any ideas?
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