starless (starless) wrote,

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  • Fri, 14:19: Tonight. @ The Trocadero Theatre
  • Fri, 14:21: Just posted a photo @ The Trocadero Theatre
  • Fri, 15:12: Totally ignoring the guy who pulled a workout bench from the tour bus and is now doing crunches in the alley behind the Troc.
  • Fri, 17:05: I want your skull. I need your skull.
  • Fri, 19:41: Words of Advice for Young People: Turn the flash off on your camera phone. It's ineffectual w/ stage lighting and only annoys the audience.
  • Fri, 21:29: Oh em gee, groupies.
  • Sat, 01:17: SEPTA, I mean this from the bottom of my heart: fuck you and your drivers who think stopping at bus stops is optional.
  • Sat, 01:37: Great. 12 hour day at work, come home to find a power outage on my block. It rained a little today. Philadelphia sucks.
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