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  • Wed, 12:59: So incredibly excited to get home today and start unpacking/arranging things.
  • Wed, 13:25: Why can't I bring myself to deactivate my Facebook account?
  • Wed, 13:25: RT @Atom_Murray: Romney should just embrace the whole being crazy and rich thing, and wear a crown during the debate tonight.
  • Wed, 13:27: Instead of deactivating, I just revise my privacy settings. Soon enough, I'll be the only person able to see my posts. #good!
  • Wed, 13:50: OMG, this midterm. The midterm will be easy, I'm just anxious to get home and unpack!!!!
  • Wed, 15:01: Broseph logic: the greater the frequency that you repeat the same Lines from South Park, the funnier you are.
  • Wed, 17:44: I just became the mayor of House Of Haze on @foursquare!
  • Wed, 17:44: I'm at House Of Haze (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Wed, 17:55: No more 2-hour parking shuffle.
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