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  • Wed, 12:16: "Just a quick Quesh…" // Is it really that more beleaguering to keep the last syllable of "Question." Is it really going to exhaust you?
  • Wed, 17:26: Why can't I post to facebook?
  • Wed, 17:27: Right, so I can post using a 3rd party app, but not on Facebook's web interface. On 3 different browsers. #closerandclosertodeactivating
  • Wed, 17:28: What goes around, comes around, you get what you give, etc, ad nauseem.
  • Thu, 10:36: I guess it's time to start apartment hunting. Or something.
  • Thu, 10:38: RT @jeremyscahill: Surreal to watch the Secretary of State saying the US government has nothing to do with an internet video.
  • Thu, 10:38: So movie critics now commit acts of war rather than just a thumbs up or down?
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