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  • Wed, 14:22: RT @demandprogress: Pls RT- Senate vote on #CISPA THIS WEEK. Urge senators to vote no + support privacy via @demand ...
  • Wed, 14:34: I need a job which requires me to drive. All the time. Makes sense since I can't stand being at work nor home. #listless
  • Wed, 21:05: Remember: every boss has a respawn timer.
  • Wed, 22:50: RT @DeathStarPR: OUTRAGED to hear that Kirsten Stewart has cheated on Robert Pattinson. We must IMMEDIATELY CANCEL ALL TWILIGHT FOREVER!
  • Thu, 08:53: "... based on your driving information, we're unable to offer a Snapshot Discount at this time" - b/c the program penalizes city drivers.
  • Thu, 08:54: I mean, I knew I wouldn't get a huge discount, but I'm a relatively safe driver. I just drive in stop&go traffic every day. #Progressive
  • Thu, 11:10: Butthurt if I do, butthurt if I don't. #butthurt
  • Thu, 12:29: Boss: "What's login and pass for" Me: "It's [PW]" Boss: "What's the login????" #ffs
  • Thu, 12:30: Oh, good. Twitter is down. Again. Seems to be happening with increasing frequency lately.
  • Thu, 12:30: How am I supposed to annoy people and lose followers with my incongruous and largely meaningless if Twitter is down??
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