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  • Пн, 00:04: RT @jayrosen_nyu: If you're trying to make sense of #OccupyWallStreet, 3 links for you: Hacktivism meets Wall St. by @ ...
  • Пн, 00:27: 18 minutes until I get on a train. Knowing that my bed is waiting for me makes the wait unbearable.
  • Пн, 09:04: After 4 hours of sleep, a coffee maker full of vinegar is the last thing I wanted to find.
  • Пн, 09:33: I'd just cleaned the coffeemaker with vinegar a month ago. For people who don't drink coffee, they sure worry about the brewer an awful lot.
  • Пн, 09:34: And who thought it would be good idea to come between me and my morning coffee after 4 hours of sleep? People have killed for less.
  • Пн, 11:17: I just unlocked the "Triple Play" badge on @foursquare!
  • Пн, 11:53: Impossible day, I don't complain, I'm over it, I guess. Scattered and grey so I hold it back and keep it sugarless. @Autolux #lyrics
  • Пн, 20:46: RT @Mruff221: I have to say I am utterly disgusted with America's lack of media coverage on #OcccupyWallStreet.
  • Пн, 20:46: RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: The most important message of a crucifix, was how cruel supposedly sane human beings can be when under orders from a ...
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