starless (starless) wrote,

Weekend Mileage

I need a new bike.

Today: Class and other errands (new backpack, sneakers, new black tshirts)

Friday: @TheTroc, running lights for Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks) (not sure if he's brining his own LD).

Saturday: @TheTroc, running lights for a dance party.

Sunday: Brunch in Philly, a 13 mile bike ride (I hate you, SEPTA) back home for studying and overdue yard work.

It's going to be a busy weekend that goes straight into next week with a programming exam I'm worried about next Wednesday. Sunday is completely unrealistic, but I really have no options; SEPTA doesn't run late enough to go home after the event and Sunday it only runs to a town 13 miles away. Maybe I can convince Kelly to pick my bike and me up from Malvern.


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