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  • Wed, 12:52: Signs of a dying restaurant: suddenly closed on a certain day of the week.
  • Wed, 12:53: Signs of a dying restaurant: vendors calling for money, but we're instructed to say the owner isn't here. Ever.
  • Wed, 12:54: Signs of a dying restaurant: not having ingredients to make menu items without running to Wegmans.
  • Wed, 12:55: Signs of a dying restaurant: never having enough money to pay employees, becoming further indebted to workers week after week.
  • Wed, 13:32: And back to Canada, while I'm at it. @Timmy2Slimmy: @riggah Dude run for the hills!!!
  • Wed, 17:44: I'm at University Of Pennsylvania Silverstein Pavillion (3400 Spruce St, Philadelphia)
  • Wed, 20:46: RT @JimGaffigan: It's hailing the size of diamonds in NYC. What did Liz Taylor just die?
  • Wed, 23:55: This is sex. This is passion. This is lips barely touching, sucking each others' breath. This isn't you.
  • Thu, 10:32: Nobody here! (@ Piazza Pizza Grill & Restaurant) [pic]:
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